Bulk Aggregates


Bank Sand Our finest grade bulk sand. Top choice for tuckpointing. Its economical price makes bank sand ideal for fill when stability is not the concern.

Masonry Sand #1 A medium grade sand used for brick laying.

Torpedo Sand #2 A coarse grade of sand predominately used when mixing concrete.


3/4″ Limestone Limestone crushed to 3/4″ diameter. Used for a variety of applications including as a base for concrete slabs.

#8 Stone Limestone crushed down to 3/4″ or less. Containing all fines including the dust. Its excellent long term packing makes it ideal for parking lots or gravel drives.

Pea Gravel Approximately 3/8″ – 1/2″ rounded river rock can be used for concrete overlayments, roofing & decorative purposes.